If you are interested in applying for an apartment with the Gladstone Housing Commission, you may either call or stop by our office for an application. Or, you may download it in PDF form (*) below and send the completed application to us.


Apartment Application (166 Kb)


The length of time from addition to the waiting list to notification of an available apartment varies with the number of people on the list, as well as vacancies, which are dependent upon move-outs and cannot be predicted. If you have submitted an application and wish to find out where you are on the waiting list, please call our office for a current update.


Also, if you have moved or changed your telephone number since you submitted your application, please contact our office as soon as possible with these changes. Remember, if we cannot find you, we must remove your name from our waiting list.


*Note: You must have a PDF reader to download our application for housing. If you do not have this software, it is available for free from Adobe.